Monday, 30 May 2022

How to export whatsapp chat to as pdf file

How to export WhatsApp chat to pdf. Whatsapp is an essential app for everyone nowadays. Due to Corona pandemic, most of the work is either business or office related which are now dependent on WhatsApp.

Sometimes you have to export WhatsApp chat in PDF and share to others for official purposes or sometimes as documentary evidence.

In this post, we will tell you how to export WhatsApp chat in PDF or Word format for easy sharing and printing purposes.

Follow these steps to export WhatsApp chats to a PDF

  • Open WhatsApp group or individual message.
  • Now tap on the three dots on the top right.
  • Tap on More > Export Chat.
  • You will see two options here include media or no media.
  • Select "Without Media" to export only chat messages.
  • Now mail the chat using email or save it in google drive.
  • Download to phone storage by mail or google drive.
  • Open a chat using Google Docs or Microsoft Office.
  • Tap the three dots in the Google Doc app and tap Share & Export.
  • Send a copy, choose PDF format, and share on any platform eg. WhatsApp.
You can easily convert text files to PDF using a PDF printer by opening it in MS Word or the Notes app on a computer

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