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What is vulkan run time libraries ?

 VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Library) is a low overhead cross-platform computer graphics API. Vulkans aims to provide more direct control over the GPU and reduce CPU usage. Basically, it is meant to improve performance in 3D applications such as video games and interactive media. VulkanRT helps to distribute workloads evenly across multi-core CPUs in addition to low CPU usage.

What is vulkan run time libraries
What is vulkan run time libraries 

VulkanRT is touted as the next generation of OpenGL, but it is not a total replacement. VulcanRT is derived from AMD's Mantle API. This API was donated by AMD to help Khronos build a standardized low-level API.

VulkanRT features are similar to Direct3D 12, Metal and Mantle. However unlike Direct3D 12, VulkanRT works with multiple operating systems and has third-party support for iOS and macOS.

Vulkan runtime libraries are typically designed by display card manufacturers such as NVIDIA or AMD. The problem is, many users think that the Vulkan runtime libraries are malware and they remove it but it is not a virus. So make sure it is on your system. Nowadays we see more and more malware attacks and thus computer and internet users are more careful now. In such a situation, any unknown file name causes concern.

Now the Vulkan Runtime Library is the file that raises the concern. When you see Vulkan Run Time Library Service in Task Manager in Windows, you might think it's a virus or malware file. Vulkan is a new graphics standard, just like OpenGL and DirectX.

With the NVIDIA installer the Vulkan runtime library gets installed on your PC without your permission. The Vulkan runtime library is used for 3D performance in gaming. Many users immediately go to the Control Panel and then uninstall Vulkan Libraries from their computers.

What are the Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

It was installed by Nvidia when you update your video driver. But keep in mind that, it is not malware or virus. So don't remove it. It will not damage Windows operating files. A runtime library is always specific to the platform and compiler.

The Vulkan runtime libraries are an essential part of the XNA framework and all of its applications. With it XNA games can be played on Windows 10 PC or Xbox 360 game console. While XNA is a simple application, the Vulkan Runtime Library is something new. It allows game developers to enjoy a 3D environment that is rich in detail.

With the new framework, XNA developers have a chance to do 3D tasks that were previously impossible. That's why it's important for XNA developers to learn how to use the Vulkan runtime library.

Vulkan Runtime Features

  • Less driver overhead which in turn reduces CPU workload.
  • Less load on CPU leaves it free to do more computation or rendering.
  • Better scaling on multi-core CPUs
  • Management of the compute kernel (regulars compiled for high throughput) and graphical shaders are integrated, eliminating the need for a separate compute API.

If you find it, it means that the Vulkan runtime library is still there and if not, you will need to have it installed. Sometimes Windows Defender or Antivirus may flag Vulkan as threat, but it is not. So don't remove it.

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