Thursday, 26 November 2020

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 10

 Gone are the days when you needed a DVD to install Windows operating system. It was a long and tedious process of burning and mounting the disc. With the latest enhancements, you can easily make Windows 10 bootable USB in a few simple steps. In this article, I have shared one of the easiest ways that you can install Windows 10. The best thing is that it will not take much time and you can do your work in just 3 to 4 minutes. So with that being said, let's start with the guide and learn how to create windows 10 bootable USB.

how to make bootable usb windows 10
how to make bootable usb windows 10

Create Windows 10 Bootable USB

There are many ways to make Windows 10 bootable USB, but we will mainly focus on the most popular methods. Let alone create a bootable USB. So with that being said, let's start with the guide. 

Create Windows 10 bootable with Rufus software 

Rufus is a very popular software that allows you to create  bootable USB of any operating system. The best thing about Rufus is that it is very fast and light. In fact, it can make bootable drives quicker than other devices. I love Rufus for its efficiency and I'm pretty sure you're going to like it. Here are the steps

Step 1:-  First and foremost, download and install Rufus software. The file size is much less than 1 MB and does not require any type of installation. it is portable Just download and run it. Initially, it will ask for your permission to run, so click "Yes".

Step 2:- This is your standard Rufus interface. You do not have to touch any other option. Just plug in your USB pen drive and Rufus will detect it. After that, click on the "Select" button and choose the Windows 10 ISO image.

Step 3:- Now, click on the "START" button and you are done. In about 4-10 minutes, Rufus will create a Windows 10 bootable USB and then you can use it for live boot on any PC.

If for some reason, you are not like Rufus, you can use PowerISO software as an alternative. It is similar to Rufus and works best. To create a Windows 10 bootable USB, open Tools and click on "Create Bootable USB".


So it was that we had a short guide on how to make bootable usb windows 10. As I mentioned above, Rufus is a free software for quickly creating a bootable USB. It is simply the best and you will not need anything else. So that is all from us. If you face any problem by following the steps mentioned above, let us know in the comments below.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

 While a large number of video editing software are available for PC, the free video editor apps for Android smartphones are no less in the Google Play Store.

They are convenient to work with and have a collection of amazing features. Here, we have prepared a list of the best video editing apps for android of  which are free in Play Store. With these editors, you can organize the clips to perfection and also upload videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android
Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Best Video Editor for Android

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the best apps for free Android video editor apps. This video editor app has many good features which are well designed. The app is also easy to use. It has a nice feature like drag-n-drop. If you purchase a premium video editing app plan, the watermark on the video will be removed. That is, we can do quality and professional mobile video editing.

2. PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is a fully featured Android video editor with an easy-to-use timeline interface, but it may take you some time to get it under control. However, once you become an expert with this app, you can create professional and effective rich videos within seconds. It has more than 30 different effects and transition effects to choose and add to your video.

Using this app, you can make awesome green screen videos. PowerDirector also comes with tutorial videos for all its functions. Most of its features are available in the free version, but upgrading to the full version allows you to extract watermarks, advertisements and even videos in 1080 and 4K resolution. It is supported in Android 4.3 and above.

3. Viva Video

VivaVideo has many impressive video editing features. The application is thoughtfully designed to help you create professional looking videos directly from your Android. You can choose from hundreds of user-friendly effects that range from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles. It has an inbuilt slow-motion video producer and slide show producer. The necessary tasks of cutting and pasting videos, trimming, merging clips, etc. can be easily handled.

VivaVideo has over 200 million users worldwide, and is also one of the best video editing apps for Android. You can also share your work directly on various social networking sites.

4. Quik

Quik is another smart way to make excellent videos. It is fast and free. Select any of your favorite photos or video clips to create your own stories with Quik. The best thing about Quik is that it comes with automated video creation capabilities. You can crop videos, add effects, add texts, and quickly add everything to the beat of any music.

Once you finish producing the video, you can save it to your camera roll in 1080p or 720p, or even share it directly on social networking sites. Quik is reliable and does not display any annoying advertisements. It deserves to be featured in this list of the best Android video editor apps for its features and convenience.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a notable Android video editor app that is liked by many users. All primary tasks such as trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. can be done easily. You can also create square 1: 1 videos for Instagram, 16: 9 videos for YouTube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, etc. to make your videos beautiful.

FilmoraGo has received some in-app purchases, but most of the amazing features are available for free. You can either save videos directly to your gallery or share them directly on any social networking site. It displays a wordmark at the end of the video, but you can remove it with an upgrade.

So, these are the best video editing app for Android  from my point of view. Download any of these and start editing like a pro for your video.

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Monday, 9 November 2020

Top 5 Best Android OS Emulator for PC | Best Android Emulator for PC

Do you want to use Android operating system for PC? Okay, you've come to the right place on the Internet. It is definitely possible for you to run Android on your PC. We have tried and tested some of the best Android Emulator / OS for PC, but it is much harder to get the same intuitive experience on PC than Android smartphone.

Top 5 Best Android os for PC | Best Android Emulator for PC
Top 5 Best Android os for PC | Best Android Emulator for PC

Here, we will discuss the best ways by which you can use Android OS on PC. Note that there is no complete Android OS for PC, the methods or methods described here will help you to run it on your PC only so that you can only get the basic functions.

Is there a problem installing Android  OS on PC?

Yes, installing Android OS on your PC is not a hassle-free process. And, you must take care before proceeding.

Here's why:

When compared to full desktop OS, Android lacks as much functionality as desktop OS. For example, you can't actually manage the printer and it also doesn't support keyboard-centric interfaces like other desktop OSs. In addition, it does not support fairly advanced desktop-centric technologies, given that you may be equipped with high-end hardware.

In short, Android  OS will give you an incomplete desktop experience. Therefore, you should consider running Android OS through some emulator or virtual machines using VMware

Best Android Emulator for PC

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for running applications and games on your PC. This is our best bet if apps and games care about you while running Android OS for PC. This is the easiest and most reliable method among all that we are going to discuss in this article.

You just need to visit their official site and download the setup file. No advanced setup required, you are just one click away after installing it. Also, with Bluestacks, you don't have to worry about your hardware configuration, it will automatically detect your configuration to optimize performance as needed. You just need to try apps and games without worrying about configuration.

2. Nox player

Nox Player is the perfect emulator that lets you play Android apps and games on Windows PC and MacOS. Nox is a free Android emulator created by a company called BigNox. The emulator is designed to bring the best Android gaming experience to PC.

It is one of the few Android emulators that are compatible with almost every app and game, from simple social networking apps to huge games like PUBG Mobile, it is capable of running all those games without any problems. You get complete control over the game through your mouse and keyboard and have more fun playing the game on the big screen.

3. Android x86 project

Android x86 is one of the most popular projects to realize as Android Emulator PC. It is an informal initiative by a group of developers (now grouped as a large community) to port Android OS to PC. It is based on AOSP with some tox to make it compatible with PC hardware (or architecture). If you have an Intel-powered machine, you should be good to go. We are not sure about AMD-based chips for Android x86. However, they are working to enable OpenGL ES hardware acceleration for Intel / Radeon / Nvidia / (pstglia, mauro) and refer to the viral (robh) GPU mentioned in their roadmap.

But, how do you install it on your PC? Is this the best Android OS for PC? Like you do for any other OS, you need to download the ISO file from the download section of your official site and view the correct ISO file (32-bit or 64-bit) and then start the download.

It is very easy to install. You can use the ISO file to run live directly from a USB drive or you can install it via VMware. It supports dual boot, but we wouldn't recommend installing it on your production PC (unless you have a PC specifically for experiments and stuff). If you have done the right thing for you, then you should definitely contribute (or donate) to this project - because this is a very promising project that will very soon replace Android OS as a complete OS for desktop. Can cook in The Android x86 project is based on Android Nougat 7.1 and Android Oreo.

4. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is based on the Android x86 project (to some extent) and another best Android OS for PC alternative. However, it is optimized for different user experiences and baked with known bloatware (in Chinese - which is its origin). If you don't mind the added bloatware, then it should be fine to use it on the desktop. Although a lot of modifications are considered here, we would not recommend doing some important tasks when installing Pheonix OS.

Pheonix OS may prove to be one of the best Android desktop UIs. Everything needs to be considered, you should try to set it up as a virtual machine as it is not very secure to access or transact your email - it is only useful if you have any sensitive information attached to it Want to experiment with

5. Samsung Dex

If you want to experience Android desktop at your workplace then Samsung Dex is a very professional option. If you are wondering how to install Android on a PC or laptop, it will not make the cut. You only need to get and go to Samsung Dex Dock Station for 150 USD. You can use it at home, but it will prove to be an inconvenient thing, where you will need an extra monitor, mouse and keyboard for the Samsung Dex. In any case, it would be annoying for you to use your existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse with Samsung Dex to separate it from your desktop PC.

Therefore, it feels like a viable solution for corporate use where the company only needs a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Bluetooth speaker to assemble without worrying about the system - which is essentially the Samsung S8 / S8 Together with + S, Samsung will be replaced by Dex. Or Note 8 smartphone. The Samsung Dex provides a polished user interface that has a lot of functionality. You have HDMI, USB 2.0, USB Type C and Ethernet ports available on it.

If you already own a Galaxy S8 / S8 + or Note 8, we would definitely recommend it. The investment of 150 USD is definitely worth it to get one of the best Android OS for PC - Android x86 project until you recover from experimenting with crazy stuff.

 Android Emulator / OS for PC
You can get lots of Android distros for PC. But, only a few of them (described in the article) are the most tried and tested methods to get Android operating system for PC. If you are someone who does not like to handle ISO files with virtual machine setup, Bluestacks or Samsung Dex, then this is the way to go. If you are using a virtual machine setup, you can try Android x86 project (recommended) or Phoenix OS.

Let us know your thoughts on how to improve your Android as a desktop environment, the best methods you follow, and some interesting Android OS that we don't know about in the comments below.

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Why Smart Phone Batteries Explode ?

 Hello friends, hope you all fine.

Today I have brought a new post for you. I hope you like it. In today's post, I will discuss with you why mobile explodes.

Why Smart Phone Batteries Explode

We often see in the news that the mobile phone explodes while sleeping, explodes in the pocket, and explode while charging. But many people do not know why mobile phones explode. So today I will discuss this subject, so let's start without further ado.

The news that we see about the mobile explode is somewhat fabricated, but not completely dismissed. Currently, high technology is used in mobile phones and high-quality batteries are used.

Another thing to keep in mind is that phones go through a lot of tests before every smartphone is released in the market, but even after such tests, there are occasional battery burst events. Now we do not know how to protect ourselves from this explosion and why this explosion.

Why does the battery Explode?

When we buy original phones and use them for 2-3 years, it is often seen that due to some problems, many people replace the battery or charger, some buy it from a local market and some buy from battery or charger A specific shop or person on the advice of someone. This is one of the reasons why mobiles burst. This is because the local store-bought batteries or chargers may not be compatible with your phone when you charge with a 220-volt charger. When such a short-circuit is seen in the charger, but lightning hits your battery directly, causing the battery to burst. Now your phone's battery can hold 5 to 6 volts. Now if you charge from another charger which has a capacity of 220 volts, it is very normal to be short-circuited then it is not uncommon for a 5 to 6-volt battery to explode at 220 volts.

How to Prevent Smart Phone Batteries Explode

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying a phone battery charger. By no means do I want to state that I advise my mother to be inactive. Try to buy a battery charger for the phone you can hold.

If you need your phone's battery/charger, it is best to talk to your brand's customer service. Only they can provide the best solution that will be good for your phone and protect you from explosions.

We hope you enjoy the post and share it with your friends so that they can benefit from it.

Monday, 14 September 2020

How to Remove ?m=1 From Blogger

Hi friends,  every blogger when start blogging in blogger they face ?m=1 tag in their blog URL so today I will discuss how to remove ?m=1 from blogger. ?m=1 is basically a mobile view parameter, but in Google Webmaster, it is an alternate page error with the appropriate canonical tag. this is very easy to fix it with some javascript code. You have to follow some simple steps.

How to Disable Mobile View Parameter m=1  in Blogger

How to Remove ?m=1 From Blogger


==> Go To Blogger Dashboard.
==> Go To Theme Section.
==> Click On  Edit HTML .
==> Press CRT+ F .
==> Type </body> and search .
==> Paste the Code Given Below above the </body> tag .

************************** Code ***********************************

<script type='text/javascript'>
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("%3D","%3D") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("%3D"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("%3D%3D","%3D%3D") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("%3D%3D"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("&m=1","&m=1") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("&m=1"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);
var uri = window.location.toString();
if (uri.indexOf("?m=1","?m=1") > 0) {
var clean_uri = uri.substring(0, uri.indexOf("?m=1"));
window.history.replaceState({}, document.title, clean_uri);


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Friday, 11 September 2020

Best Free Antivirus Software 2020

 If you are looking for the best free antivirus software,  then you are the right place, my friend, today's post, we will discuss which is the best free antivirus software. But before that, it is important to know that free antivirus software has fewer features than paid antivirus software.

best free antivirus software

With all the free options in paid antivirus software, you get the facility of child protection mode, identity protection mode, password protection mode, firewall, etc.

But many people do not require these additional facilities. They just want to protect their computer from malware and other threats, then which free antivirus software will be good for them, we will discuss it further.

Best free antivirus software

1. Avast Free Antivirus

With Malware Protection you get a password manager, a browser, a gaming mode, and a Wi-Fi network scanner in Avast Free Antivirus. However, this software also affects the speed of the system slightly. It takes more time in the scan as well, it keeps on giving repeated notifications to upgrade to the paid version. If you talk about empty malware protection, then it comes in third place.

2.Kaspersky Free Antivirus

We ranked Kaspersky at number one in the category of Best Free Antivirus. Kaspersky provides excellent protection against malware without slowing down your system. Kaspersky also gives you the option to schedule scans and perform quick scans.

3.AVG Free Antivirus

AVG significantly affects system performance. AVG has a wide range of customization options and includes file shredders and system optimizers.

4. Windows Defender Antivirus

It is a built-in antivirus program created by Microsoft that comes with the operating system. This is no less than malware protection but slightly affects system speed.

In this, you get the facility of child protection mode, browser protection mode, firewall protection, etc.

5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Now let's talk about other antivirus software. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has an excellent Bitdefender malware-detection engine, which falls just below Kaspersky and Norton in the lab-test rankings. This is the best free antivirus software if you want to install and forget the security solution.

I have tried to give you a lot of information about Best Free Antivirus Software in the post, yet any information remains and if you want to know, please comment. If you like the information, do not forget to share it with friends.